Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Review of Laskar Pelangi (by me)

Laskar Pelangi was produced by Miles Production in 2008, Mira Lesmana's Company. This movie was made from the same title of its novel, the masterpiece from Andrea Hirata. I think this movie was the best Indonesian Movie in 2008. I understand that this movie was an attempt to shed light to the plight of education in the rural areas on Indonesia. We deserves gave the appreciation to Andrea Hirata for this initiative to bringing this issue up.

The story was about survival of the oldest muslim school in Belitung island named Muhammadiyah Primary School. it only hava one teacher (Cut Mini as Miss. Mus), a headmaster (Ikranegara as Mr. Harfan) and ten students. they were Zulfanny as Ikal, Verry S. Yamarno as Mahar, Ferdian as Lintang, Yogi Nugraha as Kucai, M. Syukur Ramadan as Syahdan, Suhendri as A kiong, Febriansyah as Borek, Jeffry Yanuar as Harun, Suharyadi Syah Ramadhan as Trapani, Dewi Ratih Ayu Safitri as Sahara.

This school is for poor people who can'nt pay normal school fee. And not  very far away from it, there is an expensive school. they have their uniform, books, and calculator for its education's essential. On the other hand, Muhammadiyah have a broken school building, no uniform and uses sticks for their math lesson.
I love this movie because it's very touching yet inspiring movie. yoou can see the love, friendship and faith are all over this movie. more of that, this movie gave to us the illustration about educational degree in rural areas like bangka belitung, the youngest province in Indonesia.

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